Friday, November 9, 2012

More catch up!

 Ha! My posts are really out of order! But here is our September! Here is my beautiful 5 year old heading off to her first day of preschool (on Sept. 5th! She was so excited :) She is going to Kymm Shaw's Oops a Daisy pre-school and it is right around the corner from our house- which is great when Blake is sleeping and I have to go and get her! She i sdefinitely the oldest in her class and will probably be for her whole life but hopefully she won't mind. She goes from 9-11 and I thought I would have a hard time with her "going off to school"- but she needs to get out of the house and it is good for Evan to have some time with mom! She is loving it! At least 3-4 times a week she is telling me thank you for sending her to Miss Kymm's preschool. She is making friends :) and has two really good ones so far! It is weird not being able to experience something with her. I think that is the hardest part about it- up to this point I have pretty much done everything with her and now she is getting to do some things herself. I am very proud of her! She got to choose a parent to come with her on her first day and
 she chose her Daddy! He said there was only one other dad there and he was also with his wife :) But she is a total Daddy's girl! I just had to hear all the information second hand- She also wanted Ryan to go and pick out school supplies with her (even though I told her she didn't need anything) so they had a date to pick out supplies- but they waited until September and as you can imagine most everything was gone! Best dad ever!!! Evan has a hard time when she goes- he loves her and loves to play with her. This was the first day so he had a particularly hard time

Here are the kids enjoying their birthday present- the mini trampoline we got!

Catch up!

 I was looking through some of my blog posts and I noticed I had not put the pictures from Blake's blessing. I love this picture. We all went out right after sacrament meeting before Ryan's grandparents left. All of Ryan's family came all the way from Washington!!! We are so blessed. My other favorite part of the day was that my brother Roger got to participate in the blessing! I am so proud of him and everything he has done.

Evan obviously wasn't in the best mood and didn't want to be happy in the pictures. :)  Here is our first picture of our new family! And my mother in law took some pictures of Blake in his blessing outfit because I did not get many of Evan or Hailey. I was worried he wouldn't fit because it was the same outfit Evan had worn when he was blessed and Blake is much bigger, but it fit just fine and it was a great day!

Here are some pictures of our week with family! Grandpa Kendall with the grandkids and Evan with his cousin Josh.  And our dinner at Chuck-a-rama! 

 Here are just some from the past month of my new favorite picture subject! My cute chubby baby :) 

Friday, November 2, 2012


 I think I have said this so many times, but Holidays are so much more fun with kids :). This is our new Halloween wreath- thanks to Pintrest- and makes our door look much cuter. We don't have many Holiday decorations. We are starting a little collection though. The kids love the monster.
The kids love painting their pumpkins. Hailey is such an artist and is drawing or painting or creating something 75% of the day :). I missed Evan painting his because I was in with Blake :(- But it is in later pictures. Ryan and I carved pumpkins but mine ended up falling apart. We had my family over for dinner, pumpkin carving, and halloween sugar cookie making and decorating. Below is Evan decorating his cookie- He only decorated 2 and ate them right after he finished decorating them. It didn't even take him very long to decorate them as you can see the frosting is in a big pile :)
- Making sugar cookies with kids is a giant mess- my mom always made them with us. She must be a saint! I could learn to let them be a little more messy :) Here are some pictures with my family and Blake- With 3 kids I am not taking nearly as many pictures of him as I should. So when I remember we get alot at one time :). 1. My Dad 2. My mom 3. My brother Roger

 When we all finished out pumpkins we took them outside for the world to see! On Halloween Hailey had pre-school and they were having their Halloween party. They could wear their costumes. Hailey has been reading these Fairy books by Daisy Meadows and she absolutely adores them. They have a fairy for every color of the rainbow- so she wanted to add to it and be Hailey the Pink Fairy. 

I think she is pretty cute. We dressed her up- and had to paint her face. I painted it last year and I think I am going to have to do it every year now- she loves it! Evan of course had to dress up because Hailey was - so we put on his Hireman (Fireman) costume that we got at a neighborhood costume swap and he posed for a "cool" picture. I LOVE his face! They are so in character I think this is one of my favorite pictures this year.
 Blake is getting so big- I thought that I could put him in the costume I had for Evan two years ago because their birthdays are only about a month apart- but he is so much bigger than Evan ever way that it was a little tight and I waited too long to try it on him. So I put him in it and took some pictures. He didn't wear it trick or treating though because it was not super comfortable. But he sure looks cute! We had a Fairy, a Fireman, and Frog this year- they only way all 3 costumes were coordinated was they all began with F.

Here they are all dressed up and ready to go Trick-or-Treating. It took me a few hours to convince Evan to let me put "soot" on his face, but he finally let me and I love it! Also the kids glittered their pumpkins and our front porch :) But they turned out really cute.
Here are our friends that we went with - the Lakes- the kids had a great time and the weather was nice! It was a great Halloween. They are already planning for next year. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Combined birthday- again!

Ok , sorry- I really need to go through my pictures before I put them on here and make sure they are all facing the right direction! Evan got a Utah State basketball and T-shirt from my sister Samantha and he LOVED them :) - it was really funny. He laid down on them and just kept telling everyone how much he loved his shirt and basketball. Hailey got a shirt and a little teddy bear with an aggie sweatshirt.
We sure miss Sammy around here- she has been in Logan for almost a year and a half now and it is not the same without her. We are pretty proud of her though. She is amazing.

Here is the birthday girl!
She turned 5 and started preschool
She loves to read and be read to- she especially loves the Rainbow Fairies
She has to pick out her own outfits and has quite the style!
Still a very picky eater- loves cheese!
A great big sister- to Evan and Blake
She loves to color and paint any chance she gets
She is always making things for the people she loves
Her best friend is Rebeka Allison

And here is the birthday boy! With his punch mustache : -.turning 3
He loves to be outside and be moving
Every day he will ask everyone around him to play something with him
He copies everything Hailey does!
Favorite book- No David!
Loves trains, dinosaurs and alligators
His best friend is Hailey
He can count to ten and knows most of his colors :)
Hates flies and other bugs!
Gives the best hugs
Here is a picture of our deck all finished- Ryan worked so hard and it took him all summer to do it. But it is done and it is beautiful! We expect to spend some good times out here. It was so nice to have both of our families here. We got to do Blake's blessing and the birthdays all together in one weekend. It was quite the celebration.
Evan's Dinosaur cake
Hailey's Rapunzel cake

We got them a mini trampoline and it was the best gift we have ever gotten them! They love it and I love it because it is safe- they want to play outside- and it gets all their energy out. Here they are closing their eyes while all the boys brought it out.