Monday, October 8, 2012

Combined birthday- again!

Ok , sorry- I really need to go through my pictures before I put them on here and make sure they are all facing the right direction! Evan got a Utah State basketball and T-shirt from my sister Samantha and he LOVED them :) - it was really funny. He laid down on them and just kept telling everyone how much he loved his shirt and basketball. Hailey got a shirt and a little teddy bear with an aggie sweatshirt.
We sure miss Sammy around here- she has been in Logan for almost a year and a half now and it is not the same without her. We are pretty proud of her though. She is amazing.

Here is the birthday girl!
She turned 5 and started preschool
She loves to read and be read to- she especially loves the Rainbow Fairies
She has to pick out her own outfits and has quite the style!
Still a very picky eater- loves cheese!
A great big sister- to Evan and Blake
She loves to color and paint any chance she gets
She is always making things for the people she loves
Her best friend is Rebeka Allison

And here is the birthday boy! With his punch mustache : -.turning 3
He loves to be outside and be moving
Every day he will ask everyone around him to play something with him
He copies everything Hailey does!
Favorite book- No David!
Loves trains, dinosaurs and alligators
His best friend is Hailey
He can count to ten and knows most of his colors :)
Hates flies and other bugs!
Gives the best hugs
Here is a picture of our deck all finished- Ryan worked so hard and it took him all summer to do it. But it is done and it is beautiful! We expect to spend some good times out here. It was so nice to have both of our families here. We got to do Blake's blessing and the birthdays all together in one weekend. It was quite the celebration.
Evan's Dinosaur cake
Hailey's Rapunzel cake

We got them a mini trampoline and it was the best gift we have ever gotten them! They love it and I love it because it is safe- they want to play outside- and it gets all their energy out. Here they are closing their eyes while all the boys brought it out.

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  1. Cute birthday cakes!!! Can you believe they're 5? (Christopher and Hailey, I mean...) It seems like they were just teeny babies, crying during church! Crazy! Cute kiddos too!!! (And I totally hear you on the crazy things kids do while you're nursing... oh boy!)