Friday, November 2, 2012


 I think I have said this so many times, but Holidays are so much more fun with kids :). This is our new Halloween wreath- thanks to Pintrest- and makes our door look much cuter. We don't have many Holiday decorations. We are starting a little collection though. The kids love the monster.
The kids love painting their pumpkins. Hailey is such an artist and is drawing or painting or creating something 75% of the day :). I missed Evan painting his because I was in with Blake :(- But it is in later pictures. Ryan and I carved pumpkins but mine ended up falling apart. We had my family over for dinner, pumpkin carving, and halloween sugar cookie making and decorating. Below is Evan decorating his cookie- He only decorated 2 and ate them right after he finished decorating them. It didn't even take him very long to decorate them as you can see the frosting is in a big pile :)
- Making sugar cookies with kids is a giant mess- my mom always made them with us. She must be a saint! I could learn to let them be a little more messy :) Here are some pictures with my family and Blake- With 3 kids I am not taking nearly as many pictures of him as I should. So when I remember we get alot at one time :). 1. My Dad 2. My mom 3. My brother Roger

 When we all finished out pumpkins we took them outside for the world to see! On Halloween Hailey had pre-school and they were having their Halloween party. They could wear their costumes. Hailey has been reading these Fairy books by Daisy Meadows and she absolutely adores them. They have a fairy for every color of the rainbow- so she wanted to add to it and be Hailey the Pink Fairy. 

I think she is pretty cute. We dressed her up- and had to paint her face. I painted it last year and I think I am going to have to do it every year now- she loves it! Evan of course had to dress up because Hailey was - so we put on his Hireman (Fireman) costume that we got at a neighborhood costume swap and he posed for a "cool" picture. I LOVE his face! They are so in character I think this is one of my favorite pictures this year.
 Blake is getting so big- I thought that I could put him in the costume I had for Evan two years ago because their birthdays are only about a month apart- but he is so much bigger than Evan ever way that it was a little tight and I waited too long to try it on him. So I put him in it and took some pictures. He didn't wear it trick or treating though because it was not super comfortable. But he sure looks cute! We had a Fairy, a Fireman, and Frog this year- they only way all 3 costumes were coordinated was they all began with F.

Here they are all dressed up and ready to go Trick-or-Treating. It took me a few hours to convince Evan to let me put "soot" on his face, but he finally let me and I love it! Also the kids glittered their pumpkins and our front porch :) But they turned out really cute.
Here are our friends that we went with - the Lakes- the kids had a great time and the weather was nice! It was a great Halloween. They are already planning for next year. 

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  1. How fun! I love the costumes and the pumpkins. And your wreath is so cute! Great job!