Friday, November 9, 2012

More catch up!

 Ha! My posts are really out of order! But here is our September! Here is my beautiful 5 year old heading off to her first day of preschool (on Sept. 5th! She was so excited :) She is going to Kymm Shaw's Oops a Daisy pre-school and it is right around the corner from our house- which is great when Blake is sleeping and I have to go and get her! She i sdefinitely the oldest in her class and will probably be for her whole life but hopefully she won't mind. She goes from 9-11 and I thought I would have a hard time with her "going off to school"- but she needs to get out of the house and it is good for Evan to have some time with mom! She is loving it! At least 3-4 times a week she is telling me thank you for sending her to Miss Kymm's preschool. She is making friends :) and has two really good ones so far! It is weird not being able to experience something with her. I think that is the hardest part about it- up to this point I have pretty much done everything with her and now she is getting to do some things herself. I am very proud of her! She got to choose a parent to come with her on her first day and
 she chose her Daddy! He said there was only one other dad there and he was also with his wife :) But she is a total Daddy's girl! I just had to hear all the information second hand- She also wanted Ryan to go and pick out school supplies with her (even though I told her she didn't need anything) so they had a date to pick out supplies- but they waited until September and as you can imagine most everything was gone! Best dad ever!!! Evan has a hard time when she goes- he loves her and loves to play with her. This was the first day so he had a particularly hard time

Here are the kids enjoying their birthday present- the mini trampoline we got!

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  1. Cute pictures!! And I loved the video. How sweet is that!